What is CharityClear?

CharityClear is a payment service provider that enables merchants to take card payments online, over the telephone or via fax. We offer what we believe to be the most competitive transaction rates in the UK payment gateway market but our key difference is 100% of our profits go to charity.

How can I start using CharityClear?

To start using CharityClear we require your merchant ID number. This is obtained by setting up a merchant account with the bank and you will have to make clear that you require an Internet Merchant Account (for taking payments online) or a MOTO account (for Mail Order/Telephone Order). If you do not already have a merchant bank account we can assist in the process by putting you in touch with our contacts.

What type of payments does CharityClear enable me to receive?

You will be able to process online card payments for all major credit, debit and chargecards. We provide a free Virtual Terminal that enables you to process telephone, mail and fax payments.

How long does it take for funds to appear in my account?

No funds pass through the CharityClear gateway, we simply authorise the transaction. The length of time it takes for funds to appear in your account largely depends on what bank you use and what card was processed but typically takes between 3-5 working days.

Is the system secure and reliable?

The CharityClear payment gateway is fully 3D secure and PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry standard) Level 1 compliant which is the highest level of accreditation. The system runs on a long established platform from multiple geographical data centres which ensures maximum uptime and reliability.

How do I access transaction details?

CharityClear users have full and free access to our online Merchant Management System (MMS). For a full list of features please visit here

What level of support do you offer?

Customer support is available by email ([email protected]) and by telephone on a 24/7 basis. Support outside normal business hours (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm) is provided for system critical issues if ever required. Each CharityClear merchant is assigned a dedicated account manager to ensure a personalised and efficient service.

Can I test CharityClear before it goes live?

Yes, we provide integration documents, a test merchant ID and test card details.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, CharityClear has no set up fees and no hidden charges. The £18 per month gives you full access and 350 free transactions. Any monthly transactions above this 350 are charged at 9.9p per transaction and billed on a monthly basis. Your merchant bank account will also charge a per transaction rate but this will be agreed between you and the acquirer when setting up the account.

Can I accept different currency payments?

Yes, we support multi-currency payments. For example if you have a Pound Sterling account and want to accept Euro payments you will need a Sterling to Euro merchant number from your bank. If you have a specific currency request please contact us directly.

What fraud prevention measures does CharityClear allow me to implement?

CharityClear offers 3D secure (Verified by Visa and Mastercard Securecode) merchants can also check against Postcode, Address and CVV number.

Where do the profits go?

100% of CharityClear's profit goes to charity and as Epilepsy Scotland wholly-own CharityClear, initial profits go to support this organisation. In time, the plan is to distribute the profits amongst a rotating basket of worthwhile charities. Large national and international merchants who integrate with CharityClear may negotiate distribution of funds to appropriate, recognized charities on an individual basis.

How does CharityClear integrate with my website?

We offer direct integration and hosted integration. With direct integration, your website (complete with secure certificate) captures the user's personal and credit card details and then forwards these behind the scenes to the secure CharityClear gateway. With the hosted form method, your user is passed to the CharityClear gateway where they then enter their card details and receive a response for the transaction, before being re-directed back to your website